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Discussion in 'St Barts' started by DaneDegale, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. DaneDegale

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    I just wanted to share some information regarding phone usage while in St Barts. If you are with Verizon and want to use your phone, you will need to contact them before you leave and turn on international service. Calls cost around $3 depending on the plan but you can only use the phone with other Verizon phones. In other words, you can't send a text to a local number, only to a US one. I personally suggest buying an unlocked phone and getting a sim card in St Barts...will work out cheaper overall.
  2. fassoPP

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    Yes, $3 a minute is what you can expect to pay unless you have an international calling plan. Most places on St. Barts accept faxes and/or emails, which is definitely cheaper than using your phone in St. Barts. By the way, most villas only accept calling cards so you will need to get one in order to place a long distance call. I would avoid calling from hotels because they charge a hefty fee for their phone usage.
  3. derionlion

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    Calling St Barts from the US or viceversa is expensive if using your mobile phone and yes it is about $3-$4/minute, which is very expensive and not worth doing unless is an emergency. But like others have said, you can use email or do a mobile VOIP call, which only costs a few cents a minute.

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