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Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by vdg23, Nov 22, 2007.

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    I`m flying to Minneapolis with my father on December the 14th and he is going to a business meeting in Olivia,I will be staying by myself all day during our stay, we will be somewhere close to the airport. I will have 3 days to see the sites while my father is busy during the day. Any suggestions on destinations that would be good given it is December?
    I have heard of the Mall of America but not sure where it is located in relation to my destination, are there any parks near the Airoport?
    Any help would be great! Thank you!
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    The Mall of America is about 5 minutes away from the airport. You could spend 2 days busy just shopping there, specially with getting closer! But you could also try to see the Minnehaha Park, which is the oldest state park in the US.
    Has a beautiful creek that flows through it that drops over a 70-foot waterfall. It's quite beautiful, even in December. You could wander that park for hours.
    Be sure to walk down the stairs and follow the path downstream for as long as you have time.
    If you have time, you could follow the path on the left side of downstream all the way to the mississippi.
    Gorgeous! That walk would take about 35 minutes to the river and back if you don't loiter at the river for long. The park is pretty close to the airport.
    you can take the light rail from the airport to the park, which is about $2 a person. About a 10-12 minute ride. Get off at the 50th Street/Minnehaha station and cross the main street (Hiawatha Ave/Hwy 55) and enter the park through the gap in the big tan wall. Head to the left for the falls.
    I really think that's something you would like to see. It's a very memorable place.
    I`m sure you will have a great time and Perhaps you will find your Christmas Shopping a little easier in a place like the Mall of America.

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    Just to mention, there is also the Water Park of America right down the road - they have shuttle service as well.

    It is located in the Radisson Grand Lodge.

    My family had a great time! We stayed at the hotel (water park tickets were included) and shuttled over to the Mall a few times for shopping, food and amusement park fun.

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