Mammoth Cave National Park tours

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    Mammoth Cave is apparently the longest cave system in the world but the tours cover only a fraction of it. Two of the best tours are the Violet City Lantern and Grand Avenue Tours which are very popular so it's best you book the tours 2-3 weeks in advance. The other tours are the Historic Tour, Domes and Dripstones Tour, which are cool as well. Remember to dress in layers when you visit Mammoth Cave in the summer because the temperature drops to about 60 degrees inside the cave from 90 degrees outside.
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    Mammoth Cave is awesome. Saying this, be sure not to bring too much with you as they do not allow bags of any kind (i.e. camera bags, purses, diaper bags, luggage) and strollers on the cave tours. Of course, if you are driving with your own car, you can always leave these in your car or use a locker that they have at the visitor center.
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    The best tour experience at Mammoth is the Wild cave tour as you get to crawl, climb and squeeze through tight passages. if you are going to do this tour, you must take hiking boots that cover the ankle. The rest of the gear will be provided to you like overalls to put on your cloths, kneepads, gloves, helmet and funny pack. the tour lasts about 2 hours with a 30 mins brake to go to the restroom and eat something. It's an awesome experience!

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