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    Check these Las Vegas Hotel Deals! There are some pretty decent promotions going on at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Check out their show Mamma Mia, a smash hit musical with songs from the 70s.

    It's easy...just click on the link below.

    All That Glitters from $129.95 at Mandalay Bay

    The Las Vegas Hotel Deal is at the bottom.
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    Mandalay Bay has great room rates for most of the year, starting at about $90 if you make reservations in advance, but of course, they often go up during the peak travel seasons, so you'd definitely want to look for some of the specials they have going on when you make your reservations. There are also different promotions going on throughout the year; you'll want to check them out before you book your rooms.
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    Mandalay Bay Hotel

    The Mandalay Bay hotel isn't really the place to stay during the high season. I found this hotel overpriced and overrated. I was just there for the ADA convention and since the convention was at the same property, I decided to stay there, though I ended up paying $250 a night. Btw bmd, do you know of any voucher deals for any other hotels in Vegas?

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