March Madness Las Vegas party

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  1. wanderer

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    March is a great time to get the party going in Las Vegas. The weather is getting warmer and the beach clubs are opening again. Of course, there's also the other March Madness--the college basketball tournament going. There are some serious parties going on this March.

    When you're wondering about when to go to Las Vegas March is a great time!
  2. insideme34

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    March Madness 2012

    I'm already planning a trip the 1st week of March. Instead of watching the NCAA tournament on TV, I want to watch a tournament in person. So I'm going to try and catch the WCC Conference Tournament at Orleans
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    Las Vegas for the March Madness

    if you’re going to be in the Las Vegas for the March Madness and are interested in watching and betting on the tournament, be sure to pass by the Mandalay Bay Sportsbook and the Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere Tower. You'll be able to keep pace with all of the action as it unfolds during Thursday and Friday’s opening rounds.
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    plenty of deals for March Madness

    just letting ya'll know of a few enticing deals for March madness. One of them is deals on buckets of beer at The Sports Bar for 5 for $25. Also, you'll be able to enter the Mirage Pool for $60 if you buy in advance.

    The Pub is gonna be one of the most popular venues to catch the Big Game action because of cheap booze. Around $4 for pints $20 buckets of beer. On Sundays, they will have a $40 deal brunch that allows you to drink as much as you want.

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