Martinique to Guadeloupe by ferries

Discussion in 'Martinique' started by KipperFG, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. KipperFG

    KipperFG New Member

    Ferries servicing this route include the Express des Iles and Waive Riders, thouhh they are not direct ferry rides. You will need to stop in St Lucia or Dominica and catch another ferry there for the second leg to Guadeloupe. St Lucia to Martinique takes 90 mins.
  2. hasman

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    I've never been on the other ferry but Express des Isles does have regular ferries going to other islands also like Dominica and St. Lucia. The ferry departs from Roseau and travels to Martinique or Guadeloupe every day of the week, except on Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. unkle77

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    Express des Iles doesnt do Martinique to Guadeloupe on Mondays; while Wave Riders only does trips on Thursdays.

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