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Discussion in 'Ski Areas' started by meljibson, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. meljibson

    meljibson New Member

    hey guys,

    I am an avid skater and can do a few tricks on the board and I was just wondering how different the crossover to snowboarding might be... mastering snowboarding tricks are a lot like skating, right?

    Does anyone know of any snowboarding tricks that aren't hard to master?:)
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    hello Meljibson,

    Snowboarding, skating and surfing are all pretty similar sports so if you're already good with skating tricks, mastering snowboarding tricks should be relatively easy.

    Basic snowboarding tricks include method airs and different grabs or tweaks. The method air is one of the easiest moves out there consisting of bending the knees in the air after jumping, which results in the board being behind you for a period.

    By the way, a grab is when the rider grabs their board while in the air, while a tweak is when you make extra emphasis when pulling a trick.
  3. globalfoup

    globalfoup New Member

    becoming a snowboarding pro

    it's funny how many newbies always ask how they can do the most daring things first:)...I know the feeling since the reason I've started snowboarding after watching Shaun White.

    if you want to be as good as some of these snowboarding masters you really need to get good at the basics before you attempt anything that would be considered higher level snowboarding. Do you know how to turn? Do you know how to safely stop? is your balance good? Make sure you have mastered all of the snowboarding basics before trying any tricks.
  4. mcafeepou

    mcafeepou New Member

    master the Ollie trick first

    Ollies are one of the easiest snowborading tricks you can master. You basically use the tail of your snowboard as a spring. This trick is the basic move for a lot of aerial tricks and it is also useful when jumping over small obstacles. Master that one first, and the others will follow:)
  5. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Many, if not most, of the resorts have schools and lessons that take place on the terrain parks. It's a great way to learn some snowboarding techniques from the experts.
  6. fitduy

    fitduy New Member

    doing snowboarding tricks like a pro

    if you want to do snowboarding tricks like a pro, you need to take risks and accept failure as part of your learning. I find many people who simply quit or say they will never be able to snowboard like a professional because of all the mistakes the make initially. that's the wrong attitude because part of developing confidence is always being ready to "get back on the horse".
  7. fulango99

    fulango99 New Member

    must-master snowboarding tricks

    one of the must-master snowboarding tricks are basically ride in a backward direction on your board i.e. with your rear foot leading. this is one of the most fundamental skills in freestyle snowboarding which, apart from making you a more complete and versatile rider, will allow you to perform various spin moves in the air or on the snow.
  8. partyDown

    partyDown New Member

    expect injuries

    when practicing tricks on your board expect to crack ribs, pop a knee and suffer a few bruises here and there. You won't master any snowboarding tricks without taking any risks and unfortunely being take out on a stretcher from time to time is part of the learning process.
  9. UrbanoXX

    UrbanoXX New Member

    snowboarding advice

    when I started snowboarding I was advised to rent a board and snowboarding equipment rather than buying expensive gear. I think the reasoning behind it is that it will allow you to practice on your own time and help you decide if you want to really take up snowboarding. After a year of renting, I purchased my own board, boots and bindings, and I don't have any regrets of buying expensive equipment.
  10. QuarterBaxk

    QuarterBaxk New Member

    let go of fear

    being able to master tricks is all about commitment! When your first start to snowboard you need to have the "balls" to just go for it. Backflips are the easiest imo but most noobs fail to do it because of fear of going completely upside down. Let go of fear and only then, tricks will happen naturally.

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