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    Anybody been to Mauritius recently. I'm a food lover, and wherever I travel, I make sure to spend more time visiting the most popular restaurants and try a variety of food from that region. I like to try Mauritian food tour too. So anybody tried it? If so, how was the experience.. I would appreciate any ideas.

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    Mauritius food is always traditional & delicious with the best quality ingredients & spices. There are many must-try dishes when visiting Mauritius are fish vindaye, Vegetable fritters, Dholl puris with rougaille or curry, rice and Octopus curry and prawn rougaille. My favourite one is fish vindaye which is a fried fish combined with local spices. It is so delicious. Especially sitting on one of the beaches in Mauritius and eating these incredible food is awesome. You must try it.

    Many tour companies offer guided food tours to discover the island through traditional Mauritian food & drinks. I tried walking food tour of Port Louis at several different venues and had the opportunity to enjoy delicious food & drink. Hope you also.
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    2 years back, myself and 3 of my friends booked Port Louis Street Food Tour through the tour company called "Taste Buddies", and the experience was awesome. We had a chance to taste all variety of delicious Mauritian food, especially the Sweet rice pudding in dhall pouri and Fresh Alouda. You can book online with them to get a chance to explore the authentic places as well as taste the Indian curries & biryanis, Chinese food, French baguettes and a lot more.

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