Mauritius to Madagascar by ferry

Discussion in 'Mauritius' started by guposd, May 13, 2011.

  1. guposd

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    Hi, I'll be in Mauritius during October, and i am hoping to sail on the Mauritius Trochetia from Port Louis over to Madagascar, and then return again in late September for my flight home.

    Has anyone made this voyage before? I'd love any advice about price, conditions onboard, and most importantly whether you think it's safe for a female traveller age 22 travelling solo.

    Thanks a mil!
  2. Ruby

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    Yes absolutely you can travel inter-islands by boa between Port Louis and Madagascar, though make sure you book in advance. The cheapest ferry company I know of is the Mauritius Shipping Corporation, which is both a cargo and passenger ferry company so, don't expect anything luxurious.

    Also, I just had a look on their website and it seems you need to book at least 2 days before..and make sure your luggage isn't heavier than 22kg.

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