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Discussion in 'Mauritius' started by Evan61, May 17, 2018.

  1. Evan61

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    Which is the best month or time to visit Mauritius? Is July safe to enjoy beaches?
  2. Andrew

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    Mauritius has tropical & pleasant climate throughout the year, but between November & April, are ideal time for visiting Mauritius. From July to September is the winter time, so the weather is very cold almost all days. But flights & hotel prices are much lower in Winter season. If you like to enjoy beaches, then plan your visit in midday. From June to August is the best time for surfers, since the sea has amazing waves. It's really depends on your interests if you like Summer & to explore Mauritius beaches, then visit Mauritius between May & October, or visit between November & April if you like Winter. Visit Mauritius Hotels page if you want to pre-book your accommodation.
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    In July, the temperature at Mauritius will be mild & pleasant suitable for most of the outdoor activities & water sports. Tamarin Beach is one of my favourite beaches in Mauritius, since it's calm & offers wonderful sightseeing & fun filled holidays. Tamarin Beach is an ideal destination for surfing as well as for snorkeling.

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