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Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by mitraveler, Mar 16, 2012.

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    This old silver mining town is charming and worth a visit. With a sense of adventure, you'll find charming museums, mines to tour, tastes of Colonial life, and more. Potosi is interesting, for sure.
  2. wanderer

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    Potosi sounds really interesting. Puerto Vallarta in Mexico was built on silver mining roots, too, and it's pretty cool. The United Nations has declared Potosi as a World Heritage Site thanks to its rich heritage. At Cerro Rico, you can tour the mine. The old mint, La Casa de la Mondeda, is open for tours too.
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    Potosi or Sucre?

    how can you not love Potosi? it's a beautiful, colourful and rambling town and sure enough the old mine is the top attraction, though there is plenty to do other than the mine tour. You can also visit the springs and do a few day hikes if walking is your thing.

    btw, anyone been to Sucre? is it as nice as Potosi?
  4. udontget4

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    Potosi mine tour

    I second the mine tour although if you are claustrophobic you may have an issue with it. The mine tour I did started with a descent down a ladder with a fairly narrow and uncomfortable shaft, though once you reached the bottom you could stand up. However, there were sometimes it was necessary to stoop (almost crawl) as the roof was not very high in places.

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