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Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by spirittran, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. spirittran

    spirittran New Member

    In the morning take a boat trip to see the most chaos Cai Rang floating market and up a quiet canal for cruise more on winding arroyos.

    Then, you can bike country roads to enjoy the beautiful Delta scenery and meet the locals (many on bicycle too).
  2. danviettravel

    danviettravel New Member

    Mekong Delta is really attractive to the travelers from all over the world!
    This place can be one of the best attractions in Vietnam!
  3. CarolineLBuford

    CarolineLBuford New Member

    Yes, make sure that you arrive at 5am floating market. It is the busiest time of the fair.
  4. chrisphh

    chrisphh New Member

    Homestay at local people and enjoy floating market in early morning are the best activities in Mekong Delta.
  5. Azure Swift

    Azure Swift New Member

    Traveling by a boat in Mekong river and getting up early to visit Cai Be floating market are amazing expeience travelers can enjoy there
  6. Zay

    Zay New Member

    Can Tho and Chao Doc are my favourite
  7. AnnaMelling

    AnnaMelling New Member

    U guys really should take a trip to mekong delta in Vietnam I’ve just got an wonderful trip in vietnam in my vacation. I booked a tour from local travel agency (Bestprice Travel). I was taken from the meeting point in Hochi Minh city, moving to the port in My thoa n from here, the mekong trip on cruise was really begun. Floating markets, I don’t remember exactly all the name of these markets, the tour guide introduced me many floating markets on Mekong Delta but my memory just saved Cai Rang. The shopping and eating on Cai Rang floating market was a bit strange but very interesting. After visitting floating market, I was taken to Buddhist Nuns monastery, beautiful flower gardens and Binh Thanh island in Sadec. Then moving to Chau doc city and visit fish farm on Tanchau canal.
    I traveled to vietnam twice, once for this trip Jayavarman Cruise 4 days - Pearl of the Orient - BestPrice Travel, but still want to come back. this travel agency’s tourguide was enthusiastic and funny. I laughed so hard and excited.
  8. chrisphh

    chrisphh New Member

    You should homestay with local people and join floating market in early morning
  9. GinnyDW

    GinnyDW New Member

    We had a lovely trip to Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh city, and it's was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, shopping and food. Floating markets are very popular here, and is one of the highlights in this region. you can buy local fruit & vegetables, iced coffee, soft drinks, noodle soup, many food items, souvenirs and a lot more. I really felt it's was definitely a worthful trip.
  10. Khanhpv

    Khanhpv New Member

    Mekong Delta is an extremely trip to visit in Vietnam. However, you can mix some vietnam tour which make you feel currious. For example, you can mix Mekong trip with Phu Quoc trip.
  11. dinhoecotour

    dinhoecotour New Member

    Overnight stay in Mekong Delta is highly advised. If you do not have enough time, a day trip to Mekong Delta is still fine.

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