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Discussion in 'Australia' started by sas1, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. sas1

    sas1 New Member

    i’ll we visiting melbourne next month to attend 5 days conference and i think i can see some interesting places of melbourne in the evening. so can anyone give suggestions? also need information on good melbourne hotel to stay in the city centre to attend the conference which will be held in heart of the melbourne city. any information would be appreciated.
  2. HJS

    HJS New Member

    Melbourne is a great place, the shopping and dinning is fantastic. You can go on some good guided tours, ( the chocoholic one being my favourite :) There is also a good tram tour. You wont get bored with all the cafe's, clubs, lots of heritage and Museums, the Aboriginal works at the museum is great. As for a Hotel in the centre that depends on your budget, there are a lot. There are a few posted here Melbourne hotel
  3. KLEIN

    KLEIN New Member

    Melbourn stunning palce i must say
  4. patriciamd

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  5. garrys

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    Enjoy the Bars

    In my opinion, the highlight of Melbourne is teh nightlife, especially the tiny little restaurants and bars that seem like they're down every back alley and side street.

    If I could make one recommendation, it is not to eat or drink in your hotel - get out and enjoy Melbourne.

    Also, if you can get to an AFL football match at the MCG, it's incredible.
  6. colleeseo

    colleeseo New Member

    Melbourne is known for its beautiful landscape from beaches to great drives among the mountains. Melbourne is situated at south east of Australia, and is the capital of state Victoria. also you stay with fully relation with Hire campervans Melbourne and motor home with journey.
  7. patriciamd

    patriciamd New Member

    I've been checking some travel guides for Melbourne and I must say I'm impressed. The place is pretty safe and there are a lot of things to do (shopping, eating, drinking).
  8. sas1

    sas1 New Member

    Thanks for all your inputs Guys, how to get the met card in Melbourne?can i use it for trains as well?help again.
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    In Melbourne there are many options to go around but buying a met card makes easy public tranportation. You can buy this Metcard from any City Convenience Stores or newsagencies, I bought it from Flagstaff Newsagency which was in William Street and I used it for tram, bus as well as train.
  10. sas1

    sas1 New Member

    Hi Andrew, i heard that i can use the met card in the ferry too, is it,i want to enjoy the Melbourne ferry trip, is there a chance to go with this card, i'll get time in weekend.. can you be able to help with?...
  11. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    As far as I knew, you can't use the met card for ferry since the ferry is privately operated and you have to buy the ferry ticket separately. There is a ferry avilable between city and the Williamstown operating four times daily and it'll take an hour journey. You can explore the picturesque gardens and bay views during the trip. Cruising in Australia is a great experience and no visit to Melbourne would be complete without Yarra River cruise. If you are interested then contact "melbcruises",one of the tour operators on 03 8610 2600 and book your cruise. Best wishes.
  12. The Travel Slut

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    I just returned from 5 nights in Melbourne and stayed at the Langham Hotel on the Yarra River across from the CBD.

    I also did several things outside of the city including the Penguins of Phillips Island, and would highly recommend anyone that plans to go to Victoria to spend a several days there and enjoy the sights and sounds from wildlife and nature to arts and architecture.
  13. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    Melbourne is a great place to stay in, the night life is awesome and you cannot get enough of the place.

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