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Discussion in 'France' started by Xmas2010, Dec 11, 2013.

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    If anyone is planning to head to the south of france next year, I really suggest planning for the menton lemon festival, which takes place in the city of menton (not far from nice). The festival takes place from february 15th to 5th march in menton. You will see incredible decorations, amazing floats and tons of oranges and lemons.
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    how to get from Menton to Nice

    it takes about 40 mins drive from Menton to Nice but you can also get the bus (costs around 13 EUR ) and the train which costs around 6 EUR. Don't take the taxi because it will cost you something like 70 EUR.
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    The Menton Lemon Festival is been running for nearly 100 years and it is quite unique. Locals use citrus fruit to create huge exhibitions and statues along a set theme - the results are truly impressive. Ive attached a pic so you can take a look.

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