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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by wildpitch, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. wildpitch

    wildpitch New Member

    hi all,

    i would like to get a mexican driver license(in mexico city) for souvenir.

    I found several people in the web, the get the license for 270 pesos and it takes around 15 minutes.

    Question, i found here a threas where you need to show you electicity invoice to show that you are living in mexico.
    I`n confused now, do i need that ?
    I`m from germany and i have a driver license.
    what should i need, and where to go ?
    I wanna just have it as souvenir. In costa rica it works without any problem to get a real driver license.

    thanks in advanced for any feedback.


    ps: i`m new to here, hi all ! :)
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Hi there,

    You can only get one by showing a valid visa (FMT, FM2 or FM3, etc.) and proof of residency.
    So you will need a utilities bill but you can get one sent to the place you are renting and there is your proof.

    Although with all things in Mexico, it really depends on whether the clerk is having a good day.

    Hope this helps
  3. Cael

    Cael New Member

    I had my Texasshole drivers licence suspended for possession of marijuana, about a tenth of a gram. I'm disabled and use this as medicine as well as recreationally. I never drive on it nor knowingly carry it in my vehicle, however I was pulled over for passing somebody in a no passing zone on a road that was straight, open, full visibility and the only other car on the road besides the one I was passing was the cop way way way up the road looking in his rear view mirror. I wind up with a mandatory Department of Public Safety suspension 180 days of my driver's license requiring me to purchase an SR22 and attend a Nazi re-education program telling me the evils of this substance which I've used my entire life, my parents use, everyone I know uses and it's never screwed up any of their lives in any other way than legally. So I'll stop preaching about how crooked the drug war is but I need a Mexican driver's license because I plan to leave this country. Mexico is my interim staging point to get to Uruguay. I've been told to get a Mexican driver's license you have to have a valid American drivers license and proof of residence in Mexico well I will have proof of residence, I just want to know is there any way around not having a valid, or in other words, having a suspended American driver's licence when seeking a Mexican DL? Thank you, as one of the many oppressed people in America who suffer as a result of the evil drug war and evil policies of the United States of America.
  4. simkelyte

    simkelyte New Member

    Can anyone give me some information about Lithuania license, do they valid in Mexico?
  5. FionaRichards

    FionaRichards New Member

    Yeah youre better off using public transport. I think though in some countries you can use your US license with the rental car companies. Not sure if that makes you legal or not..
  6. FionaRichards

    FionaRichards New Member

    Actually i believe some countries will accept your US drivers license?
  7. martijacobs

    martijacobs New Member

    You can call the 01 800 027 3999 or visit the office at SUBRECAUDACIÓN AUXILIAR VÍA RÁPIDA DE TIJUANA VÍA RÁPIDA 12621 20 DE NOVIEMBRE 22100.
  8. martijacobs

    martijacobs New Member

    Also I recommend get a Mexican auto insurance before traveling, the liability policies of the US. UU. are not valid in Mexico because Mexican law requires bought at a company based in Mexico.
  9. martijacobs

    martijacobs New Member

    Hi, this article it can help a little (mexico.martinmichalik. eu/2011/11/13/drivers-license-or-international-driving-permit-in-mexico/), but as I said, is better to call and inform directly from the tax office

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