Mexican Timeshare Scam

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by evicpin, May 16, 2007.

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    Has anyone read anything about the current Mexican timeshare scams? I've found a few things online warning people but nothing explaining how to get rid of one. I bought one for my parents a few years back (they're big Mexican tourists) and have come to realize that I got more than I bargained for.


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    If you google "mexican timeshare scam" or search the timeshare beat website you can find some info on what you're talking'll give you a few options to explore before you resell, or try a company buy-back, or one of those timeshare collection places (ie timeshare relief, etc) but it sounds like youu won't be able to do much else because you bought a while ago. who knows, though?

    Sorry if I posted a smiliar message more than once but my internet is having problems...
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    Are there good timeshares out there? I have heard so many horror stories about them that I am weary about getting one. Do you know of a good place to get them from?
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    Mayan Palace, a beautiful place to visit but I wouldn’t want to own there!

    My story is similar to many others. I arrived at the Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta and attended a 90 min presentation. Five hours later I signed a contract after being offered guarantees of high rental fees for my timeshare and the ability to pay off the contract by selling my existing timeshare. I believed this was a sure win situation. It was, for them.
    Being a timeshare holder already they zeroed in on the maintenance fee. I was promised that I could avoid paying a maintenance fee by simply returning one of the weeks to them to use. This would be easy because they gave me two for the price of one. (Nothing is free, there price is very high) I have discovered after returning home that I don’t turn it in to the resort, I have to hire a rental company with no guarantee of the $1700 dollars they had assured me I would get..
    At the presentation I was put on the phone with a broker in timeshares to discuss selling my existing time share. I was told by Robert, the timeshare broker, that I would have no problem selling at a nice price that would easily pay off the timeshare with the Mayan Palace. He would start working on it and I was to contact him when I returned home. When I called the number the Mayan Palace representative gave me I learned that no one by that name worked at the agency. A quick look at prices for places similar to mine revealed that I would get much less than I needed to pay off the Mayan Palace.
    Back in Mexico that evening after the presentation I began to worry about the “deal†especially since my wife was not with me. How was I going to tell her. What would be her reaction? I was told that I couldn’t cancel the contract because I would loose the $5300 dollars I had put on my credit card as the down payment. I have learned since then that this in NOT TRUE.
    Since returning home my wife and I have notified our credit card company which told us that we have a 10 day period in which cancel the purchase which we have done. We have also informed the Mayan Palace and Desarrollo Marina Vallarta that we have cancelled our contract. Our visit to Mexico has been tainted by this experience and I doubt that we will ever travel there again. We are telling everyone we know about the lying, half truths and the deceptive sales tactics of the Mayan Palace sales people and avoid there resorts in general.
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    I can understand the buyers remorse when buying a timeshare but.....Before you purchase you need to think carefully how you will use it in your life and if you have the $ for it. Timeshare purchases are not for everyone. It is unfortunate that if you have a bad experience and have buyers remorse you want to slam the whole concept. While in Mexico's Mayan Palace I met people who have been owners for 31 years. Puerto Penasco is just 3 1/2 hours from my home so it was perfect for me. 5 weeks for 10,000 $'s. 4 weeks can be used at any other Mayan Resort. I already own with Worldmark and I love it. It is important when you own you learn every trick in the book to make it work for you. If you do not have the cash for it I would not suggest making payments. It does work well for some but not for others. If you are dissatisfied I would suggest you rent your weeks out or try to unload it.
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    Timeshares are never a good purchase and timeshare owners need to be cautious about this. There are lots of timeshare scams.

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