Mexico City RT for only $312

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by HelloPitti!, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. HelloPitti!

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    Orange County's John Wayne Airport (SNA) is offering a round-trip fare to Mexico City on AirTran or Southwest for only $312, including all taxes and fees. It is for travel any day of the week from Aug. 12 through Nov. 1 on AirTran and Nov. 2 through Dec. 14 on Southwest, subject to availability.
  2. estupendod

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    Do you know if that is nonstop? That isn't really much of an offer otherwise because checking now online I can see United does a stopping service (1 stop) trip for $339. Otherwise, if it's non stop for 312 it's an awesome deal because it's normally $600 for a round trip ticket from SNA to Mexico City.
  3. Clamedio

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    It's most likely nonstop. A couple of years ago INTERJET did a similar offering flights to Mexico City and Guadalajara for $289 to Mexico City and $299 to Guadalajara including taxes. They are special introductory fares. You may wanna check out and


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