Mexico's wine scene

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    Gourmands and wine lovers are discovering Mexican's vast vintages. The primary wine region is the Valle de Guadalupe. With comparisons to Napa Valley, this region on the Baja Peninsula has a microclimate well suited to growing wines. The Old World-style estates provide a charming backdrop for tastings and tours.
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    mexico's wine tasting trip

    i was in Oaxaca last august on a wine tasting trip throughout Mexico with a friend, and I absolutely loved it. I always liked wine but never thought I would become one of those people who gave a damn about where a particular grape came from. After Oxaca all of this changed and I have found a new love for wine and the appreciation for different wine regions.
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    Baja California best wineries

    Baja California (wine route) wines are the best, and the Valleys of Calafia, Guadalupe and San Antonio de las Minas are the hearth of the wine route. My favorite wineries are in Ensenada and include Cetto, Domecq and Santo Tomas. I love Domecq the most though because they still keep the old barrels that they used four hundred years ago. They don’t use them anymore but they do show them to visitors.
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    Are these wines available for purchase in the States, does anyone know? Or do you have to go to Mexico to get them? Of course that would be the most charming way to go!

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