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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Hotel Deals' started by frenchinlondon, Feb 26, 2008.

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    We are coming from the UK and spending 1 night in LV on april 2nd. I have a couple question and hope you'll be able to help.

    I see on the MGM grand website that i can get a room for 136$

    1/ is it possible for that rate to lower even more?

    2/ do you think i could get a better value for money deal (at MGM or other) if i wait to get closer to april - what if i don't book at all?

    Kind regards,

    Merci !
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    I honestly believe once you find a bargain you should just take hold of it as soon as possible.
    Prices tend to buildup the closer you get to the date of booking influenced by their availability.
    It is worth looking at some other sites to compare prices.

    If you can't find lower than $136 I would recommend to book that one.
    what I would not recommend is going without booking a place to stay first, It is pointless wasting the first day frantically looking for a place to stay, and usually spending extra money to find a place on the day as you are left with less selection because time is running out.

    Try using the "build your trip" flight comparsion tool here:Las Vegas Flight it will search multiple websites and get you the best price.

    Have a fabulous time in Brasil!
    I hope my reply helps.

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  3. frenchinlondon

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    Tks for your reply, I'll follow your pieces of advice :)

    Kind regards!

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