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  1. LeanneSul

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    Is the MGM Grand a good place to stay? I keep reading reviews and they're totally mixed. Most negative points have been: hotel is WAY too big; rooms are dark/dank & old looking; beds are hard. I know you can find all kind of reviews on just about anything, but I'm looking for opinions here. thanks.
  2. d360

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    The Grand Tower rooms are the older rooms with the harder beds (but bigger room). When you use the promotion code on the MGM Grand website
    select the West wing Room. Here's a virtual tour West Wing Room and the West Wing bathroom is below. The rooms are a little smaller but are renovated and much nicer. You'll pay an extra $20.00 per night but its worth it.
  3. jcheers

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    Like d360 said the West Wing is the way to go.

    I do think the response you receive here are going to be mixed just like the reviews. :(

    Good luck.
  4. NJRonbo

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    This is an interesting thread as it hits upon a very important matter
    that I am struggling to make a choice upon.

    I just booked a trip to Vegas through Travelocity for February 2008. Got
    a pretty good deal for the MGM with airfare for about $850 a person which
    includes the upgrade to the West Wing.

    I chose the West Wing because a co-worker of mine recommended it.....

    ...then I read travel reviews on the Internet and was horrified to find out
    a few things about the West Wing and its rooms. Perhaps those of you
    who have stayed in these rooms can clarify these claims:

    1. West Wing rooms are ultra small (one describes it as a large walk-in
    closet). There is no door on the bathroom and the sink area is dimly lit
    and so small that couples will have problems sharing towels and cosmetics.

    2. The West Wing is a huge walk from the lobby.

    3. The hallways in the West Wing are very dingy and dark.

    4. There are no views to the outside.

    One person described the West Wing as a mausoleum.

    I am a "tech" kind of guy so I kind of like the "coolness" factor of
    touch lighting and flat screen TVs that are built into the bathroom mirror.

    The problem is, I booked two of these rooms and I am afraid that my
    friends (a married couple) who have never been to Vegas are going to
    be horrified of this room because it is so radically different than what one
    would expect from a luxury hotel.

    For a $10 penalty fee I can downgrade the room (and get refunded for the
    cost) to the regular rooms at the MGM which are much larger, have a more
    private bathroom and better view.

    Don't quite know what to do here and thought I'd see how many more
    responses I find in this thread.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. girlylawjunkie

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    i was just in vegas two weekends ago and from looking at the pictures of the west wing im guessing i didnt stay in the west wing. we stayed in a room with 2 queen size beds and the space was decent - neither too small nor too big. bathroom was quite large. beds were not hard. honestly i can say that i have no real complaints about the room other than the fact that they didnt have a small fridge. the west wing seems to be a bit smaller but more modern. so in the end i think its your own personal choice. im sure, u can always go and look at the room and then request to change it!
  6. d360

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