Miami Beach's Espanola Way

Discussion in 'Florida' started by jennadsen, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. jennadsen

    jennadsen New Member

    When in Miami Beach, you must take a stroll along Espanola Way, which is located North of 14th Street between Washington and Pennsylvania Avenues. You will find on Espanola Way lots of cafe bars and tons of choices of food and places to hang out at night.
  2. TmaszAdam

    TmaszAdam New Member

    Sure you can take a stroll here but be warned that Espanola Way is a noisy busy pedestrian street so it wont be a pleasant stroll I can tell you. If you plan to stay on this street make sure your room isn't facing the street because you won't be able to sleep!
  3. redsonja

    redsonja New Member

    Espanola Way better than Ocean Drive

    yes its busy but it's not a tourist trap like Ocean Drive. Definitely come to Espanola Way for a nice night out or day trip because this area has live music playing into the street. There are multiple restaurant selections for dinner and a few shopping selections as well. Definitely worth the trip!

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