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    The question has came up of Michael's role at Destination360. Michael is employed as a copyright specialist who handles copyright infringement settlements. And when appropriate works our legal counsel providing appropriate materials to support copyright cases.

    He's worked with us for three years and has been instrumental at building processes for managing copyright infringements cases. With the Case Act that most creators believe will pass legislation his role may be further expanded. On the production side Michael has worked with our image production manager to build image collections for filing with copyright.gov.
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    I recently spoke with someone very familiar with Extortion Letter and Matthew Chan. Supposedly he had to put the website and his comments to copyright infringers on hold because of poor legal advice which has resulted in legal judgements against the person accused of copyright infringement.

    Dan Taylor had had some exchanges with Matthew sometime ago about his advice of ignoring settlement letters being poor advice. Well its seems the advice was in fact not wise. I've always believed its better to discuss the issue and come to a mutually agreed resolution. Extortion Letter is full of bad advice and whoever takes it will probably end up like others have.

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