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Discussion in 'Michigan' started by Jamesmay, May 12, 2009.

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    can someone give me more info on South Haven in Michigan. We want a relaxing trip for a week or so and i was wondering what South Haven offers? thanks
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    Hi there,

    South Haven Michigan has some of the best hiking and biking trails in Michigan. Along the Kal-Haven Trail you will find some of Van Buren County’s most scenic sights along this 33-mile stretch.

    If you are looking at sailing and fishing the Black River Harbor offers visitors with over 1,200 boat slips to get their crafts sailing.

    I would suggest fishing charters because they can get you out on the waters and their local knowledge will help you nab that big catch.

    Also, be sure to visit:

    * The Michigan Maritime Museum found at South Haven for insight into the area’s shipping history.

    * The Pier Lighthouse which continues to welcome travelers to South Haven.

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    I think South Haven has the prettiest stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline in the southern part of the state. There's a nice long channel that's perfect for a stroll, even if it's cold. It can be quite windy here, so it's often cold. But there is plenty of parking and some nice benches where you can chill and watch the scenery.
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    South Haven Michigan in October

    South Haven is beautiful, and the best thing is that it isn't too far from either Chicago and Detroit. The beaches are great during the summer, but the weather can be cloudy and the water will be cold around this time of year.

    Even then, South Haven is lovely to visit anytime of the year since you can do more than swimming. If you're a history buff you will love exploring the old historic places and the Maritime Museum which has cool model boats.
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    For my bet, South Haven has one of the best beaches in Southern Michigan. There's a long stretch of sand right along the Lake Michigan Shore. It's never super, super busy and you don't have to pay to go to the beach. The only downside I've experienced is the lack of close bathrooms. They're quite a long ways away and the lines are always long.

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