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Discussion in 'Macedonia' started by Tchao, Nov 22, 2012.

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    I''m planning a mini-tour of the Balkans and have settled for Skopje and Dubrovnik. Now, im trying to work out if it is feasible to catch a bus from Skopje to Dubrovnik, or is flying the only option (if any)? I still haven't made my mind up on whether to arrive first in Dubrovnik or Skpje, so i'll base my decision on the suggestions I get from you guys;)
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    cheapest way to get to Dubrovnik and Skopje

    Yes, more than sure you will find a bus service but not a direct one to my knowledge. You will have to go though Albania or Montenegro to get to Dubrovnik. If you choose to go through Albania, you could catch a bus/ or do taxi sharing from Dubrovnik to Tirana, and from there catch one of the daily bus connections ( 70 euros return ticket) into Skopje. Other than that, you may want to look at flying, though flying from Dubrovnik can be expensive (between $300 and $500).
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    where to go in the Balkans

    have you considered visiting other places in the Balkans? Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia & Hezergovina and Serbia are worth considering...there are lots to do and see in those places like historic towns, beautiful mountain scenery, beaches, Ottoman ruins etc. How long you plan to be in the Balkans? I would squeeze a few more places if you're not going to visit the region again.
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    spend time in Montenegro

    if you really want to get a true taste of the Balkans natural scenery, it's best you avoid the touristy areas like the Dubrovnik area and instead spend more time in places like Montenegro, which is home to forested mountains, striking valleys and empty roads. Montenegro is also home to the largest lake (Lake Skadar) and highest mountains (Bobotov Peak) on the Balkans, and the world's second-biggest gorge (Tara River Canyon).

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