minister tip: customary or required?

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    If you didnt know, it is customary to tip the minister when getting married as some receive only the tip as payment. The way most people do it is by putting a donation in an envelope and have your best best man give it to the priest/clergyman at the rehearsal or after the wedding ceremony. Even if you aren't thinking to tip him, you will feel obligated to do it because they basically give you the envelope themselves. Happy weddings
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    Vegas wedding tipping

    Yes, you will need to account for tipping even for a Vegas wedding. You are expected to tip the limo driver and those at the chapel, including the Minister. How much you tip depends on the price of the wedding. For instance, for a $300 wedding deal you would tip $30 to the limo driver and the same to the Minister.
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    getting married in Vegas

    I got married in Vegas a couple of years back. My suggestion is to book your own photographer and have him take you to the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas†sign and take a walk around the Glitter Gulch of Fremont Street and also pose on the Strip at night. Best memories of getting married in Vegas is doing this.

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