Mirabell Palace

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    Mirabell Palace is one attractions in Salzburg, a taste of the Old World. The palace, overlooking the Salzach River, overlooks some spectacular gardens. Inside, you'll find some marble stairs and marble statues and other examples of splendor. Who out there has been to Mirabell Palace? What was your favorite part?
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    visit Mirabell Palace in summer

    you really cannot miss Mirabell Palace since it's the main tourist attraction in town. My favorite part was the wonderful grounds and enjoying views across the Salz river to Schloss Hellbrun. If you do visit the palace, I'd recommend visiting in the spring or summer to see the beautiful flowers in full bloom. During the winter, it snows and everything will be covered under snow so you wont get to experience the palace's beauty the same.
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    Mirabell Palace from Sound of Music

    I second not missing out Mirabell Palace, especially because the palace's garden is the famous garden in the Do-Re-Mi song from Sound of Music (including a trellis arch, fountain and gnomes). There is also a playground here which is based on Mozart's "The Magic Flute. Visit Salzburg in the warmer months of the year so you can enjoy evening strolls and picnics.

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