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    Anyone planning to Guatemala may want to know things like cash and ATM's, traveller's checks, etc. What I can tell you is as far as cash is to take new small bills and enough local currency to get you going for the first 1-2 days. I would suggest applying for a Schwab ATM card as it offers a withdrawal limit of $1000. You can buy a cheap phone and SIM card in Guatemala and make sure you choose the TIGO provider as they offer the widest coverage.
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    getting around in Guatemala

    I wanted to chime in a bit about getting around in Guatemala. Over there they have what they call "Las camionetas", which are old-type buses the locals use and cost about $1. There are also shuttle buses you can hop on for around $15 depending on the distance.
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    best market in Guatemala

    Eating in Guatemala (just like the rest of South America) is fairly cheap if you go and eat where the locals eat. Local markets are great for things like fruits....fruits like bananas are dirt cheap over there. the largets market in Guatemala is the Chichicastenango town market and a great place for buying handicrafts, flowers, poetry, trinkets, textiles, etc.

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