Miss Nevada Katie Rees hosting Beachers Madhouse at Hard Rock Hotel

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    I read that recently shamed Mis Nevada Katie Rees has been hired by the Hard Rock Hotel to host "Beacher's Madhouse"...whatever that means. I say good for her, back to being a contributing member of society! Most of us probably better know Katie as the subject that started this whole ridiculous Donald Trump/Rosie O'Donnell feud. Rosie made fun of Donald for, as pageant owner, giving Katie a "second chance" after photos were found of her partying in a compromising manner. For about 36 hours, the country was riveted!

    Acording to the article:
    Katie will make in the neighborhood of $2 million over two years. The club is re-opening in March and will be open the last Saturday of each month. This amounts to 24 total nights of work. For $2 million dollars. I'm still confused...maybe VegasEd can fill us in!

    Of course, like I had to tell you, Katie is an "aspiring actress."

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    Congrats to Katie!

    Well thats a much better payday than the pageant would have ever given her. Great to hear that hometown girl stays at home and represents Nevada properly with her wild ways.
    I might even stop by the next time I'm in vegas and say hi!!.
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    Gratitude Forum!

    Nor can Mehtap! I want to say that your site better throughout the World Wide Web :)
    Thank you. Keep it.

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