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Discussion in 'Missouri' started by steevil, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. steevil

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    Hi, Three of my friends I are planning to take a trip to Missouri in mid December. We would like to go camping in Missouri Campgrounds and our main purpose for camping is fishing. Does anyone had any camping experience on Missouri Campgrounds or has any idea about it. We welcome all suggestions.
  2. itravler

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    Big Bay Recreation Area is situated on a small peninsula in Table Rock Lake. This is the best Missouri campgrounds for fishing, boating and other camping activities. I was there with my wife last summer and I felt the real camping experience, since the place was calm and the water extra ordinarily clean. Though the place was not commercialized, it had all the amenities just a few miles away, which can be reached with a short stroll enjoying the combination of the rustic and peaceful forest campsites. I would suggest this campground in Missouri without any hesitation.

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