Model T plant open to tour

Discussion in 'Michigan' started by mitraveler, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Henry Ford changed the world with the Model T, and now one of factories where this happened is open to tours. The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit has been restored to its early appearance and exhibits introduce the workers who staffed the world-changing assembly line. The plant is not part of the Ford company. It's watched over by a nonprofit group who wants to preserve Detroit's automobile heritage.
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    Ford Piquette Avenue plant in Detroit

    I am glad the city of Detroit finally opened this historic gem because the it is one of the most significant auto-heritage sites in the world.

    Seeing the location (Milwaukee Junction) of the plant now, it's hard to believe that Milwaukee Junction was Detroit's industrial heartbeat a few decades back. I believe Henry Ford was 40 years old when he built the plant.... definitely recommend to go and see this gem before it closes once again!
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    I'm making plans already to visit the plant in Detroit in late Feb. Wasn't really planning to go to Detroit but after watching the PBS American experience documentary of "Henry Ford", I cannot wait. Did anyone watch it and what are your thoughts? The program aired at 9 pm on WTVS (Channel 56) on Jan 29
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    If you're ever down in Ft Myers, Florida, the Edison and Ford Winter Estates offer tours of the two innovators homes, gardens, and museums filled with exhibits, artifacts and photos. I've been to the Edison home many years ago and it was fascinating. I imagine the Ford estate is equally interesting. Ft Myers is on the west coast about an hour and a half south of Sarasota.

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