Money in Ecuador?

Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by teecee, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. teecee

    teecee New Member

    Hello! :)

    I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I'll be taking a trip to Ecuador but was curious about ATMs or credit card use in the country. I've heard of withdrawing a certain amount everyday just so there's less of a fear of getting mugged but are there ATMs in every town? If not, does anyone know if it's best to use credit cards or travelers checks?

    Pros and cons of any kind would be good to know!
  2. bugger

    bugger New Member

    I've always used VISA and it works great. Most of the banks will charge a fee and tehn when you get home you'll notice a VISA international currency exchange charge as well but it beats carrying cash. The only other option is to get travelers checks which are a pain to cash. Safe Travels.. cool virtual tours in Quito you guys..
  3. skyline

    skyline New Member

    in ecuador they us u.s. money
  4. versystraveler

    versystraveler New Member

    Don't worry they use American dollars there, you shouls ask in you bank in the US, By the way, they have ATMS everywhere don't worry just don't walk alone with all of you cards on you... be careful with muggers

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