Montreal is a city of festivals

Discussion in 'Canada' started by wanderer, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. wanderer

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    Now that June is here, it's the beginning of festival season in Montreal. Some of the festivals have attained the level of legend: The Montreal Jazz Festival and Just For Laughs. Motor fans also love the Grand Prix, and there are tons of small festivals going on in Montreal. What's your favorite? Have you been to any of these?
  2. FelipeHerxx

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    Never been to the Grand Prix, though it would be nice. Montreal is really a lovely city especially in the summer. There are tons of events/things you can attend for free too like attending the Orange Julep Muscle Car exhibition or the Tam Tams drum and dance on Mount Royal. There are also free regular concerts taking place in downtown Montreal.
  3. UrbanoXX

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    Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival are the cream of the top when it comes to summer festivals in Montreal. This year, the jazz festival (June 28-July 7) will be headlining legends such as Aretha Franklin and Wynton Marsalis.

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