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Discussion in 'Algeria' started by mitraveler, Mar 18, 2012.

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    The capital city of Africa's second largest country is at once modern and ancient. Long at the crossroads of culture, it's a city where you'll find mosques, cathedrals, new construction, old wonders, and everything in between. It's a city that feels like the Middle East and Africa. Algiers is an interesting place, for sure.
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    love Algiers!

    if you've never been to Africa before, Algiers is a good start! I remember how excited I was when I first arrived there...just make sure you take note of Islamic codes of dress and avoid wearing short-sleeves and shorts if the weather is warm. Also, it'll be a good idea to have some knowledge of the French language or Arabic to help you along the way.
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    Algiers is great for solo travelers

    my tip for women traveling there alone is as follows: If you aren't married, make sure you wear a ring on your ring finger as it's a good deterrent for male attention. Also, learn some phrases in French, like "I'm married" and "Do you have toilet paper?"...they don't use toilet paper by the way.
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    surpassed all my expectations

    algiers is surely what i expected. in fact, it surpassed all my expectations and im glad to have been there! if you have the chance to go there, I think you too will like it. algiers feels like turkey/morocco because of the spices, coffee, the Ottoman palaces, the scent of grilling lamb and colonial buildings. Honestly, I wanted never to leave!
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    Thanks for sharing these tips. I am really fascinated by this place...I just love the region's cuisine, and I imagine it would be amazing to see it in person. It must be cool if you didn't want to leave, NoFear!

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