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Discussion in 'Russia' started by shellyb, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. shellyb

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    Renting an apartment in Moscow is expensive? would like to hear from anyone reg. this? I will be in Moscow for about 2 months,so i think renting an apartment is less expensive than a hotel. so does anyone been renting an apartment in Moscow? looking forward for nice responses. thanks in advance- shelly.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    hi, If you are visiting Moscow for a business purpose then ou can choose thae apartment in the city centre, so that the access to metro stations, Moscow sights, theatres, shops, markets and restaurants are easy. Most os the apartments in Moscow has fully equiped kitchen, Secured lock and high speed internet connection, but little expensive.

    Compared with other ciities of Russia, Moscow is the most expensive city, so always get a rate and book it.
  3. ASmith

    ASmith New Member

    i used to pay 25 000 rubles for double bed room in the center of city. but my friends really help me to find this appartments. in usd it's around 1 000 per month.
    normally apparments in the center of city more expensive so i was just lucky :D

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