Most Beautiful Club in Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by coyotesgirl, Jul 6, 2008.

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    I went to Tryst at the Wynn Hotel last night, and it is the most beautiful club I have ever been to!! I was out escaping the family after Fourth of July, and could not have picked a better place. The line was long, but no worse than any other place, and my friends caught the attention of a guy with a clipboard pretty quickly. We were whisked down this elegant glass/marble staircase down to the club. Once we entered, all we could see was a huge waterfall! Turns out half of the club is outdoors - at the very middle of which is this waterfall cascading into a lake!! (Later in the night I discovered that the part of the dance floor I was dancing on was actually a bridge over the lake!) The drinks were pricey but bigger than I'm used to, and everyone was SO nice. I couldn't believe how beautiful everyone that works there is - the girls AND guys! My girlfriends and I stayed until the music went off - this is definitely my one-and-only nightclub destination in Las Vegas!
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    Tryst is still my absolute favorite place to go IN VEGAS. You nailed it when you mentioned not only the decor, but the hospitality they show there. Cheers to the Waits' brothers and owner Victor Drai, who make this a MUST VISIT to anyone coming to Vegas.

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