Most economical flights to New York from New Delhi??

Discussion in 'New York' started by shonal a, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. shonal a

    shonal a New Member

    Hii, a Trip to New York has been on the cards for the longest time now. The plans have already been delayed and the budget has been one of the constraints. Could anyone help us with good offers by airlines? Is there any airlines like Quantas, Virgin Atlantic, etc. offering cheap fares on international flights?

    I am located at New Delhi
  2. Kidtonto

    Kidtonto New Member

    have you looked into Air India? they do non-stop flight from Delhi to New York (JFK International airport). flight tickets cost around Rs 39,500 ($1,000) for an economy class return ticket. The prices for first class and executive class tickets are slightly more.
  3. Airremox

    Airremox New Member

    I've traveled from new Delhi to new York and back and I'd advice you to book direct flights if you can. I've had a few very bad experiences with layovers making the trip nearly 24 hours long. With a direct flight, you're only looking at 14 hours. You can fly with either Continental or Air India.
  4. shonal a

    shonal a New Member

    I am also looking to book direct flights. The search is still on!

    Thanks for the suggestions

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