most popular tourist resort in Bulgaria

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    Sunny Beach is the most popular tourist resort in Bulgaria. It's there where most people go for a vacation, though you should also plan to tour Bulgaria. A few places I would suggest are Nessebar, Sozopol, Varna (Bulgaria's second biggest city), Burgas and Kamchia. All of these places are a bus ride from Sunny Beach. By the way, don't stay "all inclusive", eating out in Sunny Beach is very cheap. You will be amazed at how cheap everything is in the resort
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    Sunny Beach is basically like the Ibiza of eastern europe with tons of tourists especially Germans and Scandinavians. The nightlife is great and the clubs are cool. Iceberg, Lazur, Den Glade Viking and Orange are some of them.
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    Sunny beach and Golden Sands are incredibly busy with families and children so I would avoid them and head to Albena, St.Vlas, Sozopol, Balchik, kosharitsa or St Konstantin. Albena and St Konstantin resorts. The others are small towns/villages that offer villa accommodation.

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