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    Though not as well known as Sarajevo, Mostar is a city undergoing a renaissance. Stari Most, the old bridge crosses the river has become a symbol of the city and its new era. The bridge has been repaired and the city is again gaining the attention of tourists. Mostar has many examples of the past, influences from the Ottomans, Austro-Hungarian and other cultures.
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    loving Mostar

    I love Mostar! It's absolutely full of character, and it's a nice place to wander around while marveling at the restored buildings, people watching, etc. if you're visiting southern Croatia, I would recommend visiting Mostar by car on a 2-day trip since the scenery along the way is absolutely spectacular.
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    Mostar Day Trip from Dubrovnik

    you can visit Mostar on a day trip from Dubrovnik, and see the Old Bazaar, the Turkish House and historical mosques. I suggest taking a guided tour of town in the morning, then visit yourself the old craft shops and enjoy a traditional Turkish lunch at a local restaurant.
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    I watched one of those House Hunters International shows about Dubrovnik and it looks like such a charming city. So does a trip to Mostar. So what's involved in a traditional Turkish lunch?

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