MSC Seaside cruise ship

Discussion in 'Cruises' started by Karmacoma22, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Karmacoma22

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    MSC Seaside cruise ship is open for booking now, even though the launch is not until December 2017. I guess they anticipate a lot of demand since the ship will have unusual features like the pool being at ocean level instead of on the top-deck. Prices will start at $589 a person, which sounds very good if you ask me.
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    MSC Cruises' fleet

    I hear that the MSC Seaside will be the first ship in the MSC Cruises' fleet to be christened in the United States. Also, the MSC Seaside will be 1 of 3 ships that MSC Cruises is launching. The first one arrives in December 2017, the second comes in May 2018 and the third ship in 2021.

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