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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by weallevery3, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. weallevery3

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    I just returned with my hubby from our first trip to Mexico and had a great time, though we wished we had known about the timeshare touts. Basically, when you arrive at the airport make sure you head straight to the shuttle that will take you to your hotel. Bypass and ignore all of the guys who seem to be complimentary tourism guides (they're not. they're timeshare sales people).
  2. walterscott

    walterscott New Member

    You will find timeshare reps everywhere..don't think it's an issue restricted to mexico only. Personally, I would not worry too much and best to plan and go to mexico with an open mind. Enjoy the new culture and have FUN! Don't sweat the small stuff!
  3. Kharmabeatz

    Kharmabeatz New Member

    I second the open mind thing...far too many people go to places such as Mexico with such a negative attitude because of what they hear that they dont even enjoy the place. I say if you are scared of traveling, why travel in the first place?lol
  4. NicolaHko

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    Something you may want to check out before going to Mexico is your passport. I heard that if your passport is not scannable they can refuse you entry. Therefore, make sure you passport is in good condition especially if by mistake you put it through a washing machine or your passport got wet some other way.
  5. mitraveler

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    You also can get a passport card for traveling to Mexico and leave your regular passport book at home. I think they run about $40 and they're good for travel to Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. I just checked into the cards for passports to Mexico and it looks like they're only good for land and sea travel. So if you're flying, you need the book.

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