My Adventure Trip to Oman Desert

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    I would like to share my trip when i went to Oman's Desert it was a great day for me because i traveled a lot of countries but the Oman's Trip was special for me you know what i saw the Oman's Legendary Sea of Desert i truly amaze in that desert you have got all facilities there was a modern tent and fresh bedding for stay as well awesome breakfast and all other stuff etc... Specially when you stay at overnight you can watch the glaze of stars it looks so fantastic. If you guys want to go there i suggest you to take the Alwan tours services they are the best in Oman.

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    hm. thank you ))

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    thanks for the info!|

    I am a newbie and this post is very useful for me.
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    Nice dude thanks for sharing with us and to know about the oman,,,,

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