My cousin is getting married

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Weddings' started by LVrealestateHELP, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. LVrealestateHELP

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    He is thinking about possibly getting married here in Vegas. Does anyone have any good ideas or links I can send him? He is looking for a good deal and great time! Preferably not a casino or drive through type wedding. You can email me the responses or post them whatever is easier. Thanks in advance.
  2. Andrew

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    Many types of weddings are performed in Las Vegas since it is a wedding capital. I got a wonderful chance to attend one of my best friend's wedding last May and it was unforgettable. His wedding was a outdoor type and ayone can choose a perfect wedding spot easily among 100's of wedding chapels in and around Las Vegas. My friend was booked a Camelot themed Las Vegas wedding in Viva Las Vegas and they offer many interesting types of themed wedding including Rock-a-Billy, Intergalactic, Egyptian and the most popular Elvis wedding. Even there is a chance to get married in a helicopter, just visit Helicopter weddings page for more information. May be your cousing would like this adventurous type wedding. Hope this helps and convey my wishes to your cousin :)
  3. LVrealestateHELP

    LVrealestateHELP New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions....any others???
  4. calliecarsaro

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    I've heard the helicopter wedding is nice, but might be kinda expensive. It might be worth the money though!

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