my first trip to Venezuela

Discussion in 'Venezuela' started by freshtown, May 9, 2011.

  1. freshtown

    freshtown New Member

    I'm planing on going to Caracas Venezuela or some other part of Venezuela from Canada for a week. This is going to be my first trip to Venezuela and only staying a short period of time. Please share some tips and advice? thank you
  2. Jenna

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    Venezuela is a beautiful country with lovely people, but I would recommend you avoid Caracas being your first time in the country.

    I had no trouble there as we were only there one night and only left the hostel when a booked taxi was waiting for us. I really didn't see anything travelling through it that was worth stopping for and no one there could recommend anything either.

    That said the coast of Caracas has some lovely parts, we went to Margarita Island and had a great time and found some beautiful deserted beaches. Also Merida is really nice if you like the outdoors life.

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