My recent trip & report from Hedonism II resort in Negril

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  1. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    My (late) Trip Report from my June 2016 Hedonism II resort adventure)

    My most recent trip (June 17-28) to Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica was just completed and it was my 12th trip to Paradise and my 10th Annual mid-June TravelSlut and Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip Adventure.

    I spent my 10 nights in room #2129 which is a Nude Beach Jacuzzi Premium suite (NBJP) and I celebrated with about 40 Krewe members plus other group guests that I have known for many years.

    I arrived in Montego Bay via Southwest Airlines from Orlando, Florida on an uneventful flight and after the normal immigrations and customs process, I was transferred along with 7 other Krewe members by our longtime and regular transportation company—Rocky’s Taxi Service—for another friendly, safe and efficient ride to Hedo about 80 minutes away.

    Upon arrival, my check-in at the concierge desk was quick and followed by a personal concierge escort to my room where I was told of all the new procedures and renovations at Hedo since my last visit in June 2015.

    My room 2129 was simply awesome and the 1st time I have stayed in a premium jacuzzi suite and it immediately became Krewe de Krazy Life group headquarters. I hung a banner over the jacuzzi on my lanai that could easily be seen from the sandy walk to and from the nude beach/pool areas.

    My photos reflect the interior of the room with all its amenities including plenty of storage space, stocked refrigerator, LED-colored mirrored ceiling, dual bathroom sinks, premium toiletries, glassed-enclosed/large shower, closet & safe, and sliding glass door to the jacuzzi lanai (controlled electronically with a push-button exit and keypad control entry) and of course access to the concierge with the ability to reserve restaurants (all three restaurants are now 1st come/1st served).

    After I hosted the meet and greet in the Piano Bar where Krewe had a chance to mingle, drink, eat fantastic appetizers (and where the beaded name necklaces, room key wristlets and we all walked about Hedo grounds to see all the great improvements in the lobby, dedicated wine and espresso coffee bars, gift shops, Reggae Beach Cafe (during daytime)and Flame/Chophouse (during nighttime).

    Hedo staff that made my 12th stay special are too numerous to list and I am not over-exaggerating.I made sure I kept a daily list of everyone that made both my and the Krewe’s week so special and then wrote them onto my departure guest survey form.

    The front office was again awesome and responsive and I spent considerable time there as a group leader. Best of all, they were responsive to my request and inquiries.

    Themed costume nights were both a highlight for me and the Krewe de Krazy Life and the energy provided each night only added to the excitement and eye candy for guests.

    Saturday: HATS & HEELS





    Thursday: TOGA FOAM PARTY


    Of course, guests, including those from the Krewe, had the option to dress in named theme or anyway they desired—even if it was not to dress up at all!

    My routine, which mirrored many of the Krewe and other guests revolved around sleeping in (no alarms) and then enjoying the many great breakfast options in the newly-renovated main dining room before checking emails (and for me conducting some travel business) in the free wi-fi courtyard area (or far edge of the dining tables near Harry San restaurant). Some then went to work out while others went to the nude beach for some sun and Caribbean waters and others went to the nude pool to start the day’s fun in the sun and to snack on the various delicious items from the nude beach grill.

    Often we would meet up later in the afternoon in the main dining room for catch-up and plans for the evening or next day. We also met daily at my suite in and out of the jacuzzi where it was very convenient the couple days we had some short rain showers. And having delivered rum creams to the jacuzzi was a real treat!

    Afternoons were spent on the beach and/or nude pools including the clothing optional pools near the main dining area and beachfront cafe.

    Many in the Krewe took advantage of the complimentary, twice-daily, scuba and snorkeling boat trips that departed from the Hedo marina daily at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 pm.

    Of course, some enjoyed the catamaran boat trip to the caves and to Ricks Bar & Cafe but the Krewe and I were invited to take a special catamaran boat trip to the private Half Moon Bay island with a snorkel stop along the way around the southwest peninsula of Jamaica. Oncw we arrived on the island, we had an awaiting wonderful Jamaican barbeque lunch (and unlimited drinks) followed by a chance to explore the area, swim in the lagoon, boat to a remote island to drink at a tiki hut, or simply relax in any manner desired.

    Dinners at Hedo have improved greatly with 4 options now:

    Harry San Teppanyaki/Japanese


    Flame-Chophouse/American Steakhouse (new option and so many praises from guests)

    Main Terrace Dining Room/ Buffett and and the International Dining night on Fridays

    I dined with all the Krewe at each of the various venues during our week and I cannot say I had a favorite because all 11 dinners were awesome and delicious with great service,

    I met up with the resident wood-carver Christopher and thanked him for getting my wooden plaque hung from the eve of the nude pool bar facing the nude pool and jacuzzi.

    The week with the Krewe was both active and busy (especially at night with our costumed antics/Ann-tics and relaxing with time spent on the nude beach, my jacuzzi suite, the nude pool and jacuzzi, and even the piano bar/side room, wine bar, and finally the new Rendezvous Lounge/Playroom.

    Everyone liked the addition of the electronic and digital display monitors for daily dining options and activites board (located in the lobby) and the main dining menu board located near the grill.

    I loved the whimsical new furniture both in the lobby (the buttcheek chairs) and around the main terrace pool (red lips loungers).

    Again, I could not find some of my old painted rocks except for the Krewe rock near Pastafari so I painted a new one and placed it near the jacuzzi lanai steps outside room #2129.

    A few random, fun memories….a skinny dip in the Hurricane Nightclub’s disco pool (and drinks served by Ricardo), footb and body massage on the catamaran boat trip back to Hedo from Half Moon Cay, nightly photos under and next to my banners hung around the rounds, Glow Party at the pool and Foam Party in the courtyard, (note, the waterslide and rock climbing wall are both removed), midnight billiards, sunsets on the raft in the nude beach lagoon, and a chance to wear all my costumes packed in my 197 pounds of luggage (lol). And………..

    Of course some of the happenings at Hedo, both within and outside our group fun times, must stay at Hedo and in the minds and memories of those that were able to witness or participate in those special times

    If you have any questions about Hedo or daily life at Hedo during our annual group week, please do not hesitate to ask and I will try to answer the best I can or refer you a valid resource.’

    Just email or Yahoo! IM me at: THETRAVELSLUT@YAHOO.COM

    And be sure to check out my various travel, Hedonism resort pages & videos

    Ann, The TravelSlut

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  2. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    :) It is always fun to read about your adventures! Does your group change from year to year or is there a bunch of new folks when you travel? It's fun to make new friends, but it's also nice to spend time with the old friends too.

    It sounds like the upgraded to the resort were nice. Glad to hear.
  3. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    Hi there and thanks for the kudos!

    My group consists of a wide variety of people---singles and couples---and usually from several countries and of all peruasions, ethnicities, ages, etc. The one common denominator is that we all have a love of life, are non-judgmental, have a no hassle/no drama attitude, and follow the Key West/Fantasy Fest motto: "One Human Family"

    After 10 group trips since 2005 I have found that my group usually has about 50% returning guests and 50% "newbies". Plus, we "adopt" other guests while at the resort during our week and some then return the following year with the Krewe.

    And we sometimes meet up outside of our Hedonism resort group trip throughout the year at various events so we do keep in touch.

    The resort continues its US $10 million dollar upgrades and renovations and some guests that have been away for a couple years return and can't believe how awesome the changes are.

    I look forward to even more positive changes when we return in June 2017.


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  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    It sounds like you have a great group to travel's fun to meet folks while on vacation. I've made some good friends while on the road. And it's amazing how many cool people are out there. Do you what renovations are coming to the resort?
  5. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    I agree 100%.

    I have been traveling Australia and New Zealand the past 35+ days and have been so many old friends here and made new friends who are like-minded.

    As for Hedonism resort, by the time I return for trip #13 (and the 11th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip Adventure), all the rooms will have been renovated as well as the the air conditioning units on a project that started this past summer.

    After that. the only remaining "large" project will be the renovation of the nude pool area which was discussed for Fall 2017 but with as much controversy that it may entail (Hedo veterans love the way it is and has always been), any new remodeling may be delayed another year or tabled indefinitely.

    FYI....Hedo has a Repeaters Party every Wednesday at the resort for anyone that has been to Hedo before and it is usually moderated by Harry Lange, the primary owner, and he discusses the present state of Hedo, its guests and all planned future projects. (Plus they always give away free nights to some participants in the mini-contests.
  6. Anto544

    Anto544 New Member

    Thanks for the reviews.
  7. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    No worries....whatever anyone wants to know, I'd be happy to answer or research.....

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