my report of Madagascar vacation

Discussion in 'Madagascar' started by antonifuller, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. antonifuller

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    Madagascar is a wonderful place and I will be going again next year. The food is excellent and hotels are nice. A good time to go to Madagascar is in the summer as it does not rain. As far as where to go, contrary to what you may think, Madagascar is a fairly big place. If you're only going to be there 2 weeks, I would recommend doing either the north and nosy, or the south of the island. As far as transport, be advice that it is very expensive to rent a 4x4 but worth it.
  2. hp908

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    My tip for traveling to Madagascar is to fly with Air Madagascar because you will be able to include internal flights in your package, which will come handy to getting to other parts of the island...flying is really the best way to explore Madagascar.
  3. DelBoy!

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    Can't say anything wrong about Madagascar. Remember though that to get your tourist visa at the airport, you’re required to present a print-out of an e-ticket back out of the country because sometimes border officials demand this.
  4. HikersBootz

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    Madagascar is not for everyone but if you have a spirit of adventure and are willing to accept some irritations and rustic conditions, then you will love it there in Madagascar. The international flight to Madagascar is expensive. Also, french is a common language in Madagascar but you can get an english speaking'll just cost you a little more.

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