My trip to the Reserve Pacaya Samiria Peru

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    This is the story of my life's best trip, that to the Reserva Pacaya Samiria Reserve in Peru where my boyfriend and I got gladly and greatly amazed for the fauna and vegetation or wildlife and such wonderful landscapes over there and their tranquility, something unique the world over.


    We arrived in Bretaña (near Iquitos port, Peru's Amazon) by boat from Pucallpa. Cesar (the guide) arrived and we picked up everything we had collected or gathered and we walked down the pathway to where the boat was, the one taking us to the Reserva Pacaya Samira.

    And then we went straight away to the boat. Marquiños (Cesar Galan's, the guide) brother and his son were waiting for us over there. And we embarked in and sailed down to the Reserva Pacaya Samiria. Marquiños and his son remained there and Cesar, my boyfriend and I went and undertook the trip.

    We arrived, after saling along the Ucayal River, to the PV1 entrance gate: Belo Horizonte. Arriving to that vigilance or watching spot is done through and along the channel of that same name. There we left the boat and we went to get duly registered.

    We left and after sailing for some time when Marquiños and his son came in another canoe. They climbed up and boarded the boat. The idea was that, Marquiños, who was a guide also, could show us some shotcuts. We arrived to a beautiful lake called "Lago Vanllal" lake and since it was rather hot, we swam in the lake. We continued our sailing and 2 universal rains fell awfully over us; my boyfriend wisely put on his raincoat, the rest of us got the raining right and straight over and onto us getting us awfully wet.

    We arrived to the Qurmural and the Lagartal Lakes, then Marquiños and his son ate together and then they went back to Bretaña. Then my boyfriend and me were again alone with Cesar, the guide. Cesar put off the engine and we were very quiet, motionless and withiout any noise for a while. The son was dazzling at the sky and the lake's immensity brought us peaceful moments which was accompanied by the parrots' chatters and trillings as they were flying around from one place to another.

    We kept sailing and passing along lakes from one into another: Yanacu and Shauinto Lakes. We took the Santa Elena channel and sailing along it. As the night was approaching down to us and Cesar decided to find an appropriated place where to sleep on the boat since the PV2 was far away. We were in the Zapote Channel. Cesar found some appropiated branches there in order to fasten the two mosquito nets and then we slept sooundly till the next day. I have to say it was a horrible torture every time we got close to the shore because of so many daddy longleg mosquitos biting and piercing us all the time. They wouldn't move or withdraw at all and we had to be killing them out of simple, hard and tiring hand blows.


    Dawn came early. We picked up everything and then left and sailed in search of the PV2. It didn't take us much long to arrive in there. This vigilance or watching post was a very big house with many rooms and which is yet moree important, with some bathrooms with showers. What a pleasure!! Now it seems it was just the recreational or entertaining house for the former President of Peru: Fujimori.

    We left and arrived to the Yarina Lake. So beautiful and full of ''bufeos'' dophins. The so called shrieking monkeys were noisily bawling by the shores. That was awfull terrible. The noises seemed as if they were planes engines or something like that! Lot of wild animals like black and white herons, kingfishers, galliforme eagles can be seen flying high up over the place.

    We arrived to an Assitance & Support House where there were four men. They lent us a canoe and we went for a short visit. We were able to see more monkeys and other animals since the boat got no engine. Cesar took us to a place where we could relieve us ourselves. We got onto the canoe and went through a flooded wood. We went and sailed along the Afasi canal and arrived in "Puerto Limonal" Port. It is a plot of land the INRA has given to Cesar so he could mount and erect his campsites there. He has got some kind of nails to put and fasten his mosquitos nets over there.

    We went back to the supporting house and we ate some fish they had cooked: "boca chico" and "carbazú". They were tasty but, unluckily, salty.

    Then we rested and got relaxed for a while and after sunset and it got dark we took the ship again and we sailed along and from a channel to a lake. Once there in the lake, Cesar started to emit and send for a sound in order to call and attract the lizards. He told us to do that also. Cesar was rowing round the lake and calling the lizards to attract them and then, although them answered him back not any one showed up. What was really there were a lot of fireflies or glowworms. They call the discotheque to that lake. It was a shame for with so much moonlight we couldn't see not any lizard.

    We went back to the supporting-protecting house, had a soup and went straight to sleep. My fiancé didn't feel alright for he had some stomach ache and belly trouble and he got some fever. Today, keeping with the tendency we had been observing since we arrived in Peru, where and when it rains one day and another or every two days, we expected it to rain, but it didn't rain at the end. We slept at the supporting house's porch and under the mosquito-nets; there were a lot of "zancudos" outside to keep the trend.


    We left the protective supporting house early in the morning and carrying 4 "boca chico" fish freshly done and which were given to us by the local fishermen. My boyfriend got up with a stab in his belly. Cesar, as he was worried about it, asked us if we wanted going back to Bretaña, but my fiancé was soon alright (what he got were some belly gasses only).

    I was navigating for a while so Cesar could get some rest. We were already in the Pacaya River. Then suddenly Cesar cried saying that he had to turn back around for we had overpassed an entrance to the place where he wanted to take us: "Miraflores". I turned around the best I could and then Cesar took over commanding it. Cesar recognized the entrance because of a settled tree of which there are undoubtedly very few ones on the river shore. The entrance was covered with underbrush, thickets and weeds but he toof off and cleaned it. He took the boat into it, into the entrance and then...Oh! Surprise! To our amazemet...solid ground, mainland! He then fastened the boat, we put on our long trousers, jersey and the boot and we started a long walk across and along the jungle, right in full primary forest. Wow!

    We went rather slowly in order to watch and see the animals, but although Cesar was very silent, we, my fiance and I were very noisy. Cesar was showing us giantic ants hills; foot prints and wildboars smells and an endless lot of things during the expedition. The heat was horrible and we were sweating a quite a lot. Without wanting it I hit my boyfriend on his eyebrow with the metal canteen I was carrying.

    We saw howling or shrieking monkeys, wapo monkeys and the so-called "monos bolsillo". The long-legged mosquitoes were annoying us all the time. We also saw a furtive hunters' camping :( Then we went back to the boat as we were tired from the walk and we just wanted to get a bath. Cesar took and sailed the boat to a place right in the middle of the river and we three took a bath with plenty of soap to get our sweeting off.

    We ate those fish we had still left, some soup and rice. And we continued sailing along the Pacaya River planning to arrive in the PV3 soonest, but of course...why not! was raining time. And it rained a lot, it rained cats and dogs the whole afternoon. We managed to cover right everything with the plastic cover Cesar was carring. It didn't stop raining the whole day long and so, when it was getting dark, Cesar decided we should be camping. He was looking for a while around both sides of the river in order to find the appropriated place to install or erect the plastic cover and the mosquito-nets. Finally he found it; meanwhile my boyfriend and I were helping him the best way we could. It kept raining and the long-legged mosquitoes continued attacking, annoying and bitting us. All Cesar's anxiety was watching us fall sleep in bed.

    Wew got in bed and Cesar quietly installed his own mosquito-net, took some soup and got into his bed. Animals that were close to us were heard during the whole night and it didn't stop raining at all....


    We got up early. It didn't rain, we picked up and took everything and we left the place sailing along the Picaya River. It was rather cold, but not so much. We were at the Tami Novioa Lake. After taking breakfast we kept sailing down the Pacaya River in our way back to the PV1. Here we desembarked to say farewell to the engineer at the entrance. He made us fill a questionnary about the natural park and then we went right away back to Bretaña, which is just in front and across the river.

    Once we arrived in Bretaña, we left everything in the boat and went with Cesar to get back or retrieve all whar we had left in there before. We were in the shore of the river near Marquiños home. His wife was there, Eva (31 years old) and four of his five children. Cesar prepared some soup to us and we took it. Then we kept talking for a while later on. At 21.00 ship's arrival.
    Cesar took us by boat. He truly gave us all his true dedication and care, worryig about all our wellbeing and our enjoying the trip, it couldn't have been greatest. Thanks so much, Cesar!;)

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