Myrtle Beach swimming advisory

Discussion in 'South Carolina' started by enemygates, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. enemygates

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    If you plan to travel to Myrtle Beach be advised that the Department of Health and Environmental Control has placed a section of beach under watch along the Grand Strand (between the Town of Briarcliffe Cabana and the Middle Gate Beach Access in the Town of Briarcliffe). Apparently, it has to do with high bacteria levels detected in these sections of beach.
  2. RedStripe

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    swimming advisory lifted

    This swimming advisory has already been lifted. You gotta wonder sometimes what the DHEC is thinking when they put out advisories like this one without any specific details (i.e. kind of bacteria) backing it.
  3. Ghoyst

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    I spoke to people who were on the beach before the warning was lifted and said they were swimming anyway because they've never gotten sick from the ocean in this area. It was probably a scare tactic from the usual suspects.

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