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Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by giadda, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. giadda

    giadda New Member

    hi buddies, start planning our Mystic weekend getaway and looking for some nice B&B hotels or Mystic getaway to visit all the famous spots with in 2 days, is it possible, anyone has any suggestions..

    thank you:)
  2. Lynnie81

    Lynnie81 Moderator

    There is a lot of information on offer to help you plan your weekend in Mystic. For accomodation you should check out the Mystic Hotels, or Conneticut Bed and Breakfast pages. These should give you a good idea on whats available in the area.

    If you look at the Things to do page, you will see some suggestions of things to do during your weekend there. If you are looking to fit a lot into your trip it might be worth considering hiring a car. If you look at the following link you can check out the cheap car hire in Conneticut.
  3. giadda

    giadda New Member

    thanks for posted back and good to see the reply. you made my trip planning so much easier....:)))
  4. Bestwestern

    Bestwestern New Member

    Mystic Ct Hotel & Conference Center located in Connecticut assures comfortable lodgin

    Mystic Hotels provides mind blowing hotel packages for the tourist at reasonable price and assures comfortable living in Connecticut.
  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Did you visit the Mystic Aquarium or Mystic Seaport? I haven't been to Mystic, but both of those places sound pretty cool to me. We don't have such rich history here in Michigan, so it would be fun to visit an old-timey seaport and see (or should I say sea?) what life was like in the whaling days. And then I'd want to see the whales at the aquarium.
  6. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    The seaport is pretty cool. It's set up like a an old whaling village and it's pretty cool. They have a lot of costumed interpreters and a lot of touches to make it authentic.

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