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Discussion in 'Napa Valley' started by KnightRider, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. KnightRider

    KnightRider New Member

    hi guys,

    I am looking around for Napa Valley wine clubs I can join, specifically in the napa area..does anyone know any or can suggest a wine club..thanks!
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi there,

    If you are looking for Napa Valley wine clubs, I have two suggestions:

    - Castello di Amorosa winery, which is one of the well-known Napa Valley wine clubs and members of this club enjoy access to a variety of special events throughout the years. For example, you can attend the Black and Red Valentines Day Ball, The Midsummer Festival, The Medieval Banquet, the Harvest Celebration, Cinquecento Cavalieri Winemaker's Dinner and more.

    - Domaine Chandon is another of the California wine clubs in Napa and members of Club Chandon with a subscription receive six shipments every year of two bottles each. Members also enjoy discounts at the winery and online, invitations to exclusive events, and access to limited-production wines.

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