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Discussion in 'California' started by wcptraveler, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Hey Everyone!

    Does anyone know if the Napa Wineries are hard to get to? Also, I don't think I want to drive after having drank the wine. So are there any buses, shuttles, trains, etc? Or are there any hotels that offer transportation services?

    Any suggestions/recommendations?
  2. dan

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    They have tours that leave some of the downtown hotels, not sure which ones, never tried them, but seen the ad's. Pretty much just drove up to Napa or Sonoma, got a map from the vistors center, and went from there. Best to have a designated driver, but you really do not get too drunk. Most tastings cost, and they do not serve to much. So one does not end up consuming to much. It is a blast, just did it last weekend!
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    I had the pleasure of seeing the wineries while running the Napa Valley Marathon which is held each year in March. After all the running, we were more then ready for some wine tasting! As previously mentioned, you can hop on one of the wine tour buses geared specifically toward that purpose. My friend and I chose to plan our own tour, though it is worth noting that the wineries are spread out (for the most part) along on long, winding stretch of highway. While beautiful, it is not a road that is condusive to drinking a ton- so you'll have to choose how much tasting you'll want to do. We had a great time picking about five to visit and taste, and actually took the guided tour of one (the Robert Mondovi tour- it was free and I'd reccomend it).

    Anyway, you will find a map of the area at every hotel in Napa which will list all of the possible winery choices. Guided tours are offered at set times every day, so keep this in mind if you want to take part in one. The wineries are not at all hard to get to, and while I would reccomend traveling to them yourself if you'll have a car, you can also book a ticket on a bus (note that the bus fee will include your wine tasting fees). Cheers!

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